Competition Dogs

Competition can provide many positive ingredients for a healthy, happy dog. Training produces fitness, confidence, suppleness, dexterity and mental agility.

As with human athletes, competition dogs should have regular physical therapy to keep them at continuous peak performance. Your dog may become uncomfortable whilst working and start to make mistakes, a common misunderstanding can arise where you train more to rectify mistakes. This in turn increases the discomfort for the dog and confidence between owner and dog is lost.

Dogs can injure themselves at competitions or whilst training due to velocity and impact. Tight turns, slipping at speed or falling off equipment are frequent causes of injury as well as repetitive training. It is important that your competition dog has a regular check up even if there appears to be no apparent problem.

The aim of the McTimoney form of manipulation is to encourage correct alignment of the spine and pelvis. Misalignments can develop before symptoms actually appear.

Frequent competitions and constant training can put extra stress on joints and muscles so it is vital for minor injuries to be picked up before they become a serious problem.

Workshops and Training

Paula can arrange workshops at Training clubs/groups where owners can gain insight into prevention of musculoskeletal stresses particular to their discipline. Paula is also available at Crufts, please email or phone her for details.