"I wholeheartedly recommend the McTimoney technique as a complementary treatment for dogs. Paula has treated all three of my dogs over a four year period and I have found the treatment invaluable, making a difference where traditional veterinary treatment couldn't. Paula treated my elderly greyhound for a chronic and degenerative condition, improving his quality of life immensely in his last twelve months."
Sophie Case

"Pepper has been competing in agility for the last few years at a beginners level and really enjoys his competitions. I have used Paula for his annual checks and when he has needed a bit of TLC after his events. When it comes to getting an appointment, she is very flexible and considerate and I have always found Paula to be honest and helpful with her advice and treatment."
Pepper's Mum

"Roly suffered severe pain in his back and hindquarters. He was referred to Paula for treatment and was very soon showing much improvement. He is now eleven years old and with regular treatment over the years he has been able to lead a very full and active life. Without Paula's care (and considerable patience!) I think Roly's outlook would have been very different."
Yvonne Baylis

"When my dog started her treatment I was hopeful that Paula would be able to give her a little longer without pain. I could not foresee that not only would my dog’s spine be given a reprieve but her quality of life would be improved.

"Jazzy was about 15 years of age when Paula started working on him. After a lifetime of hunting, especially rabbits, his leg had become weak and painful. With regular visits Paula was able to give Jazzy quite a lot of relief. Paula has recently been treating our other cats Matty Joe and Jonty Blue. Matty has become less stiff and more active, he is relaxed and purrs through every treatment session."
George & Lesley McDonough

"I first met Paula about eleven years ago and I have been taking my dogs to her for McTimoney treatment ever since. I can't tell you the difference it has made to them. You know what it is like when you suspect something isn't quite right with your pet but can't put your finger on it? After several trips to my vet and a course of anti-inflammatory drugs there was no improvement in my young German Shepherd dog, Tidy. So I booked an appointment to see Paula and Tidy walked out of the treatment room after her first session with her head held high and appeared to have gained a couple of inches in height, obviously feeling much better."
Janet - Bromsgrove